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Knocking Off Excess Weight May Help Better Memory In Older Women

Shedding excess body weight can promote your health. As reported by a study performed by Umea University in Sweden, it can have a good influence on brain in older age as well. The researchers discovered that after six months of healthy eating, the participants demonstrated a substantial improvement in their memory skills. This convinced the scientists that they’re able to reverse the obesity-related degradation in memory function.

The research involved 20 older, overweight women. They went through a sequence of cognitive exams to find out exactly how great was their episodic memory. The monitoring of brain activity on this team was recorded using magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs).

During the cognitive assessments, the subjects were asked to pair faces and names that were shown on the display. Matching the face using the first letter of their names was a protocol the researchers utilized in memory recalling task. As they were doing so, the scientists analyzed their brain process on MRIs. This technique is referred to as “encoding”.

The increased brain activity was observed in regions vital for recognition and the matching of faces as the subjects who had reduced body weight performed memory encoding exercises. The researchers in addition discovered that regions responsible for impaired episodic memories was observed with reduced brain activity. This suggested that the brain was more efficient in retrieving info.

According to the Swedish lead scientist, whenever a women loses weight, it changes the brain activity. This indicates that the brain becomes more active as its keeps new memories. This negates the requirements of additional brain resources to recall stored information.

In the past, one research indicated that impaired episodic memory was prevalent among overweight individuals. At Northwestern Medicine in the United States back in 2010, scientists learned that memory loss corresponded with the woman’s weight. It appeared that the memory loss was also related to the body frame of the women – pear or apple-shaped. If it turns out the woman had more weight around her hips, her memory loss was more evident than women with love handles around their waists.

The Long Breath Diet Promises To Trim Inches From Your Waist

long breathingHave you seen news about this bizarre weight reduction solution called Long Breath Diet? It is a breathing technique that requires a dieter to take a specific position.

It was created by mistake. The creator was Miki Ryosuke. While doing breathing exercises to help with this back pain, he noticed he was losing weight. In 7 weeks of doing breathing exercises, he had dropped two stone. Also, his waist was shrunk by 5 inches. The best part is that it does not take a lot of time. Only 2 to 5 minutes each day. You only need to inhale for 3 seconds and exhale for seven seconds.

You can carry out Long Breath Diet in two ways.

1. When you stand with one foot in front, you need to tense your buttocks. Place most of your body weight on the back foot. Then followed by deep breathing for 3 seconds. As you breathe in, lift your arms high.. When you exhale, tense all your muscles for 7 seconds.

2. Tense your butts as you pose in a vertical position. One of your hands should be place on your stomach whereas the other one should be at the bottom of your back. Then begin inhaling for 3 seconds, followed by 7 seconds of exhaling. Make sure the whole time you are still holding your stomach.

Now let’s see how it works. Fat is made up of components such as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The deep breathing allows more oxygen to be absorbed by the body. This is helpful for breaking down fat molecules into carbon dioxide and water. The blood will carry the carbon dioxide to the lungs where it will be disposed. If you take in more oxygen, you can burn more fat.

In addition to supporting weight loss, you will find your muscle strength and metabolism increased. Thanks to increased levels of oxygen in your blood.

Although this breathing technique looks promising but many health professionals have opposing views. Most of them agree that you are not going to lose significant weight by using this method which only takes 2 minutes each day.

For your body to burn fat and increase metabolism, you need to exercise vigorously. And a few minutes a day is not enough. So this explains why your body will not see much changes should you just focus on 5-minute daily breathing exercises. Simply because the calorie expenditure is too low.

There is a possible injury to your body while doing deep breathing. Neutralization of the blood requires the right balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. The bad news is that deep breathing affects the balance. As a result, you feel light headache and sometimes, you may faint.

Breathing simply cannot convert fat into fuel. If you want to use the fat storage, you have to put your muscles to work. This means you need to exercise. The amount of energy required for the conversion of fat to fuel can only be achieved through intense workouts.. With deep breathing, you can burn fat up to 2% at best.

It is a puzzle if you will see results with Long Breath Diet. Well, this does not imply that it does not work. Probably you need to try it first. In my opinion, I believe it will benefit disable people or anyone who has a difficulty moving around. Disabled people tend to gain weight easily due to lack of movement.

You should also watch the amount of calories you consume each day. Your calorie expenditure should be more than what you take in. Even you eat plenty of good foods, your weight will still increase if you fail to follow this calorie guideline.